02 June 2008

Au Revoir Maître Saint Laurent

The first time I was aware that some things are finer in life, was with Mum.

I must have been about 5 years old and fell IN LOVE with a purple georgette drapé evening gown.

"Yves Saint Laurent. He is a fashion designer. His designs are the absolute chic" Mum aproved of my taste - a rightly rare moment in my child/teen-hood.

- the bees knees, I thought. A man worshiped for drawing and making beautiful dresses. I realised this may be a career move.

13 years and a round trip Sydney/Paris later, after having dealt with the fact that I had absolutely NO talent in fashion design, I stood in front of the exact same store window.

The elegant black lacquered mannequins, the same breathtakingly simple style, the purple/green palette.

I remembered Mum's words.

And I was awed. With the stroke of a pen, one man could connect a starry eyed girl and her much more blasé mother. A feat that none had managed.

For that, and so so much more, thank you Maître Saint Laurent.